Sunday, September 25, 2011

so far, so good

september is breast cancer awareness month, and there i was, once again, in staples, surrounded by pink. i was suddenly aware again. more women, every day.

but i'm fine. life has been good. work, family, weddings. rich, meaningful, i-value-every-day sort of thing. really. i do.

i stopped taking the arimidex after a few months. bizarre and frightening dreams, constant thoughts of death--really, what was the point? i am no longer a good patient. my oncologist thinks i am stubborn and really stupid: she's read the stats. but i am... happy now.

(if anyone reading this is considering her own treatment, IGNORE THIS. there are lots of women whose side effects are very minor, or certainly worth the benefit of reduced risk. just not mine.)

hmmm... let's see... my hair grew back coarse and curly. it has relaxed some--as have i--and now is actually kind of nice and wavy. maybe i am too?

hmmm... only gained back a few pounds but now i look healthy

one more thing. i got a mini-facelift. i know, it seems so shallow after facing death and all that. but i looked like hell at the end of treatment. and now i don't. i just look like me, before treatment. i am grateful. screw cancer.

life's moved on, i guess. but i miss my blog. i hope anyone who was reading is well. i've missed you, and wish you the best.