Friday, April 2, 2010

it's ok

i went to another funeral yesterday. i only knew her professionally, but she was the kind of person for whom there really was no such thing as purely professional. she spent her career making people in the school system do the right thing for the kids in their charge; all of the kids were in her charge. she died of cancer.

it was a jewish service. thank god. i didn't have to hear about how we'll all meet up in heaven. the rabbi was eloquent, compassionate, and real: he brushed away tears after consoling her family. 

at some point in the service an elderly member of the congregation collapsed and had to be carried from the sanctuary to await ems. the rabbi stopped to explain to us what was happening. and then he said, "it's ok." we waited a few minutes in silence and then again he said, "it's ok."

i had been waiting a long time to hear that. that's when i cried.

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