Sunday, April 25, 2010

more math

note: i had not done any research until now... my procrastination in begining the drug was due to a general sense of foreboding, based on my doctors "oh by the way" earlier comments...

these are the side-effects acknowledged by the drug-maker. These are not bizarre side-effects claimed by people with a sketchy grasp of reality. nor are they the scary rare side-effects that you read in the small print of any medication.

Notice the percentages, remembering our earlier statistics lesson that taught us that 20% means "two out of ten women."

In these studies, the most common Arimidex side effects included:

•Hot flashes -- in up to 36 percent of people
•Nausea -- up to 20 percent
•Weakness or fatigue -- up to 19 percent
•Mood disturbances -- up to 19 percent
•Headaches -- up to 18 percent
•Arthritis -- up to 17 percent
•Pain -- up to 17 percent
•Joint pain -- up to 15 percent
•Sore throat -- up to 14 percent
•Nausea and vomiting -- up to 13 percent
•Bone pain -- up to 12 percent.

Other common side effects of Arimidex (occurring in 8 to 11 percent of people) included:

•Back pain
•Difficulty breathing
•Accidental injury
•Broken bones
•Insomnia (see Arimidex and Insomnia)
•Swelling or water retention in the arms or legs
•Abdominal pain (stomach pain)
•High cholesterol (see Arimidex and High Cholesterol)
•Weight gain (see Arimidex and Weight Gain)
•Breast pain
•Urinary tract infection (bladder infection or UTI)
•Loss of appetite.

its not like there are just one or two side-effects that affect twenty percent of women; if there are eleven side-effects that each affect twenty percent of women, what are the odds that a woman will only have, say, one? then throw in the eighteen side-effects that affect 8-11 percent of women. now what?

please use pencil and show all of your work.

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