Thursday, May 13, 2010

showing up

i don't remember anyone telling me "oh, this is bad." i remember the "just a bump in the road," and then the oops, your oncotype score is "higher than we expected." i don't remember the part where they said that even with the lumpectomy and radiation you have a 40% chance of dying unless you do chemo and arimidex. for five years. i guess that part was just a given...

i so don't want to do this any more. i would like to register another complaint.

i have to get dressed up now and go to our school auction. right now--or i'll be late. it's a fun event, and our parents have done a beautiful job--i haven't had to do anything. all i need to do is show up. but showing up is hard... what i would really like to do is curl up on the pink couch here in my office and hide under the fuzzy blanket. maybe a glass of wine when i get there will help.


  1. In your opinion, what sort of wine goes best with Arimidex?


  2. Feel free to whine...this is an unfair card that you have been dealt. However, the world is better with you than without you. Try the drug.

  3. Hi Katherine, I thought of you today when a couple of items regarding breast cancer, and things we can do to help prevent recurrence for ourselves, came my way. This TED video was really convincing, on eating to prevent cancer. (wine while you whine - it's a good thing!)
    Of course, as a 20 year vegan-w/breast cancer & no family history, I wonder how much that can help when there are things like alarming levels of BPA (toxins once thought to mainly be in plastic bottles) in 92% of our canned goods - read here. However, if we are armed with knowledge, we can empower ourselves. I hate the idea of having to cook my own beans, rather than pop open a can, but I wonder how many helpings of my "healthy" chili were actually bowls of cancer causing poison...
    I'm sorry if this is more of a downer for you - I'm of the mindset that knowledge is power, when it's something that can be used, so I thought I'd pass these items on. Wishing you well, Karin