Friday, May 7, 2010


i will be glad when my hair gets longer. i have hair now, which is infinitely better than not having hair, but i still look like i am 1) militantly gay or 2) an avant garde artist or 3) a recovering cancer patient. and as cool as options 1 and 2 are, they are not me, leaving me with option 3, which, unfortunately, is me.

i don't want to look like it any more though. (well actually, i don't want to be one any more but denial--while powerful--is not that powerful.) since i am happily in denial most of the day now, it takes me aback when people still stop to tell me nice things about me, or acknowledge something nice i once did. it's hard to know what to say. when i was at my worst, i could say thank you and be truly grateful. now it's like, "really? i still look like i could die any moment?"

maybe we should have a national "anybody could be hit by a bus tomorrow" day where we all tell everybody nice things about them. just in case.

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