Tuesday, December 29, 2009

day four of chemo #3

the whole cancer experience is wasted on some people. for example, Cancer Dog and i are hanging out by ourselves for a few days at our cottage on the river. i could have spent the time contemplating the timeless beauty of the environment, marveling at the great blue heron and the eagles, wondering at the constant flow of water that came before me and will come after me, putting it all into perspective, i.e. i'm a teeny tiny meaningless speck in a beautiful but random universe. 

but no. on day four of chemo #3 i spent the day taking pain pills, eating the only thing that tasted good (potatoe salad), and watching the entire season three of The Office. (season four--and more pain pills--is waiting for me, thank god, when i get back from this little foray into civilization searching for internet.)

it's a good thing, though, that i already know that pam and jim will end up together or it would be unbearably sad. and i can't do unbearably sad right now.

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  1. Hey there. KellyInMotion here - from Ohio. Just another stranger reading your blog and crying and laughing at the same time. Beth in Colorado is a mutual stranger. I found your blog through hers. She found mine via search and I'm so fortunate she did. I've learned a lot from her.

    Tonight I'm going to tell my readers to stop reading my blog and to start yours. You're so much more fun and actually have perspective. It's great. Keep up the blog and the fight.