Wednesday, December 16, 2009

physical inventory #2

ok, two weeks after my second chemo:

  • my scar has healed nicely, the dent is a little bigger, and i've regained feeling in my armpit.
  • i have now lost a total of twelve pounds. 
  • the disgusting thrush is under control with meds.
  • my taste buds are completely whacked out and almost nothing tastes good.
  • i am tired by afternoon.
  • i wake up at 2:00. my brain is wide awake and annoying at that time, but i can usually go back to sleep.  
  • i am bald. not smooth bald, but bald like a newly-hatched chick, with just a few attempts at feathers
i am tired of the mind-body connection. i would like to send my body out for treatment, like dropping a coat off at the dry cleaners, while i hover around, body-free. i would pick it up later, when it is all clean and fresh, with the rips repaired and the missing buttons replaced.

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