Wednesday, December 16, 2009

just a stage

i have moved a little past the anger stage. no, really. i am not constantly pissed off any more. however i seem to have skipped the "bargaining" stage, maybe because there isn't really a contact person for whatever universal force i believe in.

i have substituted whining for bargaining. i can't help it. even though i know it could be a lot worse, etc. people ask me how i am and i tell them. i know i shouldn't do it--no one likes a tiresome, whining cancer patient. our job is to be upbeat and noble. i am neither right now.

i hope it's just a stage.


  1. i, for one, think upbeat and noble are overrated! Go for the whining!

  2. Remember, many of those people asking how you are really WANT to know how you are, and there's no harm in being honest with them. I guess if they stop asking, it's one way to discern which ones really didn't want to know. Your real friends will keep asking!