Thursday, September 10, 2009

pink everywhere

so I noticed last week at Staples that Susan B Konan foundation pink products are everywhere. There was an especially nice pink planner which made me feel queazy thinking that it would be handy for scheduling doctor's appointments and chemo. Last night I was at AC Moore picking up art materials for the Carpenter's Shelter project when I decided--in some sort of domestic delusion--that I might want to learn to knit. While I was looking at yarn, I backed into something, turned around, and it was a huge--well maybe not huge--display of Susan B Konan pink yarns with a free pattern for... a "chemo cap."

I'm grateful to them, really, and I will benefit from all they do, but... Jesus Christ.

1 comment:

  1. Does this mean you DON'T want a life-size cardboard cutout of Susan Komen left on your front lawn, with like your date of diagnosis, prescribed treatment plan, and doctor's name on it? You know, sort of like those giant storks people put in their yards to announce a baby's arriva