Monday, September 21, 2009

taking charge

i read somewhere that i should take charge of my cancer, so Chad emailed me a list of questions to ask my doctor. when i got there, i realized i had forgotten the list. no problem. i was early and totally prepared with a notebook and a pen so i think, i'll just write down a list of questions. how hard can that be?

hmmm. forty minutes later what i have is 1.) why are there only four small fish in a very huge and elaborate tank? 2.) why is the waiting room set up in little conversation areas? and 3.) does everyone here have cancer?

ok, so i don't have a very helpful list of questions, but i have a notebook and a pen and i can take notes. the surgeon explains everything and writes it down for me as she goes so i don't have to. then she asks me if i have any questions. nope. not a single question. except, why?

she says she doesn't know.

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