Wednesday, February 3, 2010


now that i don't have chemo tomorrow, i am going to go condition the teeny, tiny hairs that are all over my otherwise bald head. i don't exactly know which type of conditioner would be best for this purpose... maybe it doesn't matter. maybe anything will do to let them know i still believe in them, and that they are important, and that they can do it. grow, little hairs.


  1. Hi, Katherine, this is quite powerful. Karen B. told me about it. I'm going to pass this on to Roger. It may help him and inspire him to do something similar. He also got neuropathy as a result of chemo and stopped it for that reason too.

    Is blogging as cathartic as it seems like it would be? You write beautifully and very humorously, too.

    I love you and am creating high intentions of well being for you.

    Susan Katz Clark

  2. Um, Katherine -- I know something about teeny hairs on an otherwise bald head. There are certain songs to sing, oak smoked cheddar cheeses to eat, and comedy DVDs that are no less effective than conditioner massages. And they are more fun. We will send you some!

    Love, Reid & Family

    P.S. When you do discover a useful conditioner (and I'm sure you will), please let Molly know the name!

    P.P.S. I'm really happy that you've graduated from chemo!!

  3. any chance that they will grow back blonde? just askin'...