Wednesday, March 3, 2010


most of the women at radiation lost their hair earlier during chemo. some of us wear scarves or hats, some wear wigs. i have noticed that the ladies who wear wigs fold their clothes to put them in their lockers. the ladies who don't, don't. the ladies who wear wigs look very put together when they leave. those of us who don't, well, not so much.

all of the wigs i have seen look great--very fashionable, they look like a perfect haircut. (which is one reason i didn't get one--it would be so unnatural on me. i don't think they make wigs that look like you got out of bed and forgot to brush your hair, and haven't colored your hair in months so that there's a sort of multi-colored thing going on...)

i have asked the ladies who wear wigs why they decided to wear a wig. (we're practically sisters. plus, i have developed serious boundary issues.) in my admittedly very small sample, the women who wear wigs have told me that they didn't want everyone at work to know that they have breast cancer. which takes me back to wendy wasserman. and wondering again about the cost of hiding it... but, the ladies do look nice.

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