Sunday, March 7, 2010

a marketing plan

so i washed and conditioned my little hairs with "root awakening" and by god, when i got out of the shower, all the little hairs had sprung up and were standing at attention. i looked like a chia pet on its first day.

i would tell them how happy i am with their product, except i know the last thing they want are testimonials from breast cancer patients. it would be like "skin so soft--works great on lepers!" not a good marketing plan.

no, reality would not be good marketing. putting a pink ribbon on the bottle and donating a tiny fraction of their sales might work--but only because it is theoretical. it conjures up beautifully edited visions of saving women's lives, which, of course, is a wonderful thing. but they don't want to know--and certainly don't want to be associated with--the gritty reality of how those lives are saved--or sometimes still lost.

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