Monday, October 5, 2009

the normal curve

someone was telling me a story about her friend, a doctor, who has breast cancer. apparently she was receiving chemo at a clinic when a patient of hers walked through and recognized her. the patient blurted out "Does this mean I have to find another doctor?"

the person telling me this story was horrified by the woman's self-centeredness. but I understand it completely.

here is how my internal monologue goes.

reading the morning paper. republicans resist healthcare reform. bastards. i have breast cancer. without my health insurance i would be screwed. can you believe i have breast cancer? oh god, 129 people died in an earthquake in indonesia. that's awful. i can't believe i have breast cancer.

at school. she did what? what was she f*&%ing thinking? i have f*&%ing breast cancer!

and so on.

i'm sure she is a perfectly nice woman, well within the normal curve of narcissism to altruism. it's just--she has breast cancer.

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  1. Lots of us are listening, awed by your courage, and humor, and that bold tenderness. xo