Saturday, October 31, 2009

a very big deal

i want to apologize to all those women out there who have gone through this. i thought that because an early-stage breast cancer diagnosis is so common, and because the survival rate appears to be so good due to so many medical advances, and particularly for those women who didn't have to have a mastectomy or chemo, that somehow it wasn't all that big a deal. concerning, yes, absolutely, but they'll all be ok, right? i realize now, and i am shuddering with shame as i write this, that i must have thought it was a bump in the road.  

i realize now that no matter how good the prognosis, it is a big deal. most women try so hard not to worry others and to be positive (unlike me) that it is easy to misread the situation. if you have a friend or relative or even aquaintance with breast cancer just know that--whatever she says--it is a very big deal.


  1. I am trying not to make it a big deal, although everyone around me is. I guess it is a big deal, but easier for me to deny it...

  2. It really is a big deal and I hope that if you need something that you will ask. Please know that you can ask me - if you need someone to go with you to chemo, or help out in some way, please let me know.

    You are in my thoughts all the time and I'm sending you good healing juju!


    Carol Roller