Friday, November 13, 2009

my dinner with the mayor

somehow my twenty-five-year-old daughter's twenty-five-year-old-boyfriend is friends with the mayor. when jack was a teenager and needed help with his band, the guys thought "we should see the mayor,' and they did, and much to the mayor's credit, he took them seriously and helped them out. and they have been friends ever since.

so i was invited to have dinner with the mayor. we were eating at anne and jack's table in their sweet, tiny house when i suddenly feel sick. one bite of salmon and it is over. unfortunately, the only bathroom is directly behind the mayor's chair. in order to even get to the bathroom, i realize i will have to leap over the mayor, assuming i can make it that far.

but anne realized i had turned green, grabbed her dad's car keys to take me home, and we made a break for it out the front door, "nice to meet you sorry i have to go i have cancer and just started chemo bye." well done. i did not want to be the woman who threw up on the mayor, and i achieved my goal.


  1. Hey, Pres Bush I did it to the Prime Minister of least you wouldn't have had any cameras present...

  2. Hey my sister and my niece! Any video of the escape?

  3. Hi, Katherine,

    Good moves by you and Anne. It's not exactly the same, but I threw up on my 6th grade teacher when I was going up to tell her that I couldn't finish my achievement test because I was really sick. I was worried she wouldn't believe me, but after I threw up on he, she was completely convinced.

    I also threw up on my family's preacher when he came to visit me after I had my tonsils out.

    These were not highlights for me, so I'm glad you were able to avoid the moment.

    I really am enjoying that you are writing.


  4. I threw up on the shoe of the first boy who tried to kiss me: Jonathan Dunham, First Grade, Burgundy Farm Country Day School, Upper Blacktop, Blue Keds.