Monday, November 9, 2009

a one-hundred-and-five-year-old woman

i am now a one-hundred-and-five-year-old woman. yesterday, i was a bitter, one-hundred-and-five-year-old shell of a woman, left to die alone on the shoals of a desolate existential shore. but this afternoon, thanks to my new pain pills :) i am now a cute, perky one-hundred-and-five-year-old woman, who finds amusement in a still meaningless but at least mildly entertaining world. maybe my birthday party will be on Channel Five news. (can you believe she is one hundred and five? she looks great, doesn't she?) life is much improved.

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  1. When you NEED pain pills TAKE pain pills. A very wise neurosurgeon once told me: "Screw worrying about what pain pills are going to do to your body, it's not even close to what PAIN is already doing to your body." A very wise woman indeed.