Thursday, November 5, 2009

so far, so good

finished chemo an hour ago.

the first thing the nurse asked me was, did you get any sleep last night? once again, i'm clearly not alone. reassuring yet sad.

i was kind of hoping for the chemo rooms that they have in Grey's Anatomy, with the fishtanks, low lights, meditation music, and a group of people, but it was pretty much just a set of examining rooms with recliners instead of exam tables, and they keep the doors open so you don't feel isolated. (oh right, Grey's Anatomy is pretend.)

chad got queasy when they put in my iv. the iv worked without a problem though because i have "lovely veins" and because the nurse was excellent. then chad got hungry and wanted to go get a sandwich, but he toughed it out when i told him his presence was comforting. i think he made it through just fine.

oh yeah, so far my side effects are minimal too: a sinus headache (the nurse said 20% of people get that. i have always hated math. who knew there would be so much of it?) and feeling a little light-headed and out of it. so i made it through just fine too. now time for a nap...

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  1. Thank God Chad made it through ok--God help us if his hair starts to fall out!