Saturday, January 9, 2010

good-by home depot

it's saturday, and i attempted to run just two small errands this morning. not a good idea.

"fatigue" is a major symptom of chemo. i clearly underestimated what that means. apparently it means falling asleep at home depot.

i was trying to track down an order in the kitchen cabinet department, and the designer told me to use the phone at one of the other design desks around the corner and call the manufacturer. i was on hold for a long time listening to sad instrumental muzak--a poor choice, in my opinion, for any customer service line.

i put my head down on the desk and home depot began to fade away. next thing i know, i hear the high-pitched whimpering of a little dog. i open my eyes and am face to face with a concerned dachsand in a knit sweater. (oh little dogs of the world. i am so sorry i scoffed at you for so many years.) his person kindly asked if i was ok. i thanked her and assured her i was just tired. i hate to think what i must have looked like.

i guess i should stay out of home improvement stores for the duration.

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