Sunday, January 31, 2010

almost a date

i've been sick for the last few days. just a cold or flu thing, cough, etc. but then last night i couldn't move from one room to the other without being out of breath. so off to the emergency room we go, through the dark and the snow.

i see that if you are sick and your oncologist calls ahead, you get to jump ahead in line. one of the many perks of having cancer. right behind the poor woman whose husband cut off the tip of her finger in front of her kids.

i was so tired and the warm blankets felt so good. they put me on oxygen and I felt better. (no wonder cancer dog perked up when they put him in the oxygen crate.) then the doctor, who appears to be about twenty-years-old, comes in to tell me they are going to to do a chest x-ray to look for pneumonia (fine) and a ct-scan to make sure the cancer hasn't spread to my brain or lungs (what?). oh, sure, ok, let's do that.

while i'm waiting to find out if i'm dying or not, i'm not allowed to eat (no problem) or drink (a problem) anything. meanwhile, chad eats the snacks he brought with him, and then the special box-lunch and sodas the nurse got him when she saw he was hungry, informing me as he eats of the excellent quality of the apple. then off i go for scans.

my scans are clean. i have a choice of being admitted over night to keep an eye on things or going home with meds. hmmm. warm blankets and oxygen or comfy bed and cancer dog?

we go home. it was our first night out in a long time.

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  1. No food or drinks? That Chad sure knows a cheap date when he sees one (at least until the co-pay comes in…