Saturday, January 9, 2010

its a miracle

Cancer Dog has been saved. he is past his crisis. since he's gotten out of doggie intensive care, we've been hanging out in steamy showers, i've been pounding on his little ribs, enticing him to eat by offering him things from my plate, hiding his meds in peanut butter, sleeping with a humidifier. he is doing so much better, and we are now so far beyond ridiculously bonded that the next thing i know, he and i will be buying things off the home shopping network together.("that's really a cute top, don't you think?" "i don't know, you don't look that good in green." "well, thanks.")

i almost can't believe it. a friend told me that dogs will hang on to life with everything they have until they feel like they have your permission to go, and that i just had to tell him he couldn't go yet. so i told him. and he made it.

it's a miracle. well, ok, a $2,500 miracle, as chad would point out. but a miracle never-the-less. and i am so happy to have him back. he feels so much better now that he's already back at work, curled up at my feet. Cancer Dog revived. cancer patient restored.


  1. Wow! Not even Chad gets capital letters. Sum dog!

  2. I think The Beatles were wrong when they sang "Money can't buy me love".

  3. We spent almost as much on a beloved guinea pig named Gilbert. (Although I wasn't allowed to see the vet bill.) Molly can tell you about him some day. They actually were on TV together. He didn't much care for showers, though, but peanut butter also was important. I was really glad to hear Chad's positive update on CD last week!

    Love, Reid