Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a wonderful life

i'm participating in a study that is being done at VCU. the study is looking at work & quality of life issues and breast cancer, and involves three extensive phone interviews.

i did the first interview yesterday. for all of the questions, i was told to think back to shortly before my diagnosis. questions about my job satisfaction: all "highly or extremely satisfied." questions about my health: all "very good." questions about my energy level: all "very high." questions about my family: all "very well." questions about my overall happiness: all "almost always." questions about my view of the future: all "very positive."

by the end of the interview, i was sad. i missed my life exactly as it was.

i had a wonderful life. and the thing is, unlike jimmy stewart, i knew it. i didn't need clarence (or breast cancer) to show me. oh well, maybe my walmart angel will keep me fully appreciating it when i get it back.

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